How We Add Custom Domain From BigRock To Blogger

Greeting to my fellow bloggers, newbie bloggers and to my valuable readers. Now I am share an important thing in blogging, which helps you to overcome some Adsense problems in blogging. like Top level domain problem in google Adsense, Page type Issue and more. Okay, Lets see How To

Add Custom Domain From BigRock To Blogger

Running Your Blog On Blogspot? Stop worrying about your blog that was not fully qualified domain like ( ). Here Google(Bloggers) allows free web hosting for your own fully qualified domain.

Move Your Blog To Top Level

  1. Buy a custom domain through Blogger. DNS Server will automatically configure when you purchase your domain from blogger.
  2. Or host your blog on a URL that you already own.
  3. Buy a domain using
  4.  Login to your bigrock account
  5. Click on  domains and click List All Orders. A list showing all your domains will be displayed like image given below
  6. Click on the domain which you want to configure as a Top Level Domain to your blogspot.
  7. Go to Big Rock Account – Manage Domain
  8. Click DNS Management
  9. Click on the DNS  and then on \”Manage DNS\”. We will have to make changes in the DNS settings.
  10. Now click CNAME Records and select \”ADD CNAME RECORD\”  CNAME RECORD

Now we should add two CNAME RECORDS
1. With prefix \”www\” (\”Adding prefix allows you to point \”\”)
2. Another one without www prefix (\”Without adding prefix allows you to point \”\”) If visitors doesn\’t type \”www\” prefix can able to visit your blog.

 1. Adding the CNAME Record With the WWW prefix

  • Host Name: www
  • Value:
  • Add record

2. Next we have add another record without the www prefix

  • Again click on Add CNAME record.
  • Without Prefix \”www\”Host Name:
  • Value:
  • Add record

After Completing CNAME records, Create A Records.

  •  Now create ‘A’NAME records

Now create four ‘A’NAME records with the following ip address216.239.32.21216.239.34.21216.239.36.21216.239.38.21