How Social Networking Affects Your Dating Habits

Most of the millennials got used to social networking that much that they don’t even realize the impact that social networking has on their dating habits. But actually the influence is much greater than one can imagine. Actually the whole dating would have been absolutely different without social media. Ones romanticize the past and criticize the effect that social networking has on our dating habits, while others sees only positive aspects of social networking. Well, let’s figure out how much social network has changed in our looking for a girl to date and dating habits and how good or bad those changes are.

Self-Presentation and Geography

The thing that had changed greatly since the arrival of social networks is the way we present ourselves. Previously, you had to present yourself the way you are, unless you are some kind of a con artist or a pathological liar. But that’s what happens offline, while the temptation to exaggerate information about you is way higher online. Not that we are saying that anyone turns into a con artist when using social media, the possibility to become is high. Trying to present yourself the best way online, you are risking to create an alter-ego, which may have little to nothing with your real person. You can consider it as one of the flaws of social networking, but everything depends on the way how honest you are.

Another thing that social networking changed about our dating habits is geography. Previously, you’ve been limited to you colleagues or college mates. Anyway, you were limited to your city or to your country. Social networking gives you a possibility to find prospective partners from other countries from the comfort of your home. So, if you are into foreigners, you can only benefit from social networking.


When it comes to dating apps, previously you had create an account and fill in the information about you. With the appearance of Tinder, all you need is a Facebook account. Just log in to Tinder via your Facebook account and here we go. Tinder still remains one of the most popular dating apps, and quite often comes under criticism, as people assume that the app is responsible for the hook-up culture. This criticism is unfair, as hook-up culture existed long-before the invention of the internet. Yes, millions of people look for a hook-up on Tinder, but millions use it to find their love.


If there is really something we can blame Tinder for is the multitude of choice. You have a possibility to swipe the profiles. And you swipe and swipe and swipe… ending up without finding your perfect match. As a result, you try reducing communication while pursuing your search of a prospective partner. But you can’t get to know anyone by swiping.