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How Social Media Impacts Your Relationship?

Generally we think that social media has opened dating market for those who are too shy to ask out someone they know in person. And you can see where it’s coming from. On the one hand we are able to contact whomever we want, even when this person is miles away. No longer you are limited to searching for partners at your college, at your work, at your town, or even at your country. You think that you are more into foreigners or maybe too awkward to date, you can easily try your luck in it, without even paying for a ticket. So, basically there can’t be any reason why social media may have any negative impact on your relationship. But is it so? Why there are so many articles claiming that social media makes people lonely? Let’s figure it out.

Paradox Effect

You’ve probably heard it somewhere that our overly connected world somehow becomes more disconnected. That happens because of the social media’s paradox effect. Seemingly it gives you many choices, but leaves you with no options. People are more into posting selfies than into traditional interaction. So, what the paradox effect has to do with dating? Well, that’s easy. As we’ve stated above, your are no longer limited to anything. But it becomes harder for you to choose among many variants that social media offers you. Moreover, your acquaintances aren’t that valuable for you. You know that you can block them and find new ones. Yep, things are that easy with social media.

Lying Online

When you are shy offline, you want to be different offline. That’s why quite often people tend to create absolutely different persona online. Call it your alter-ego, but basically, you are just lying about yourself online. Of course, people get more interested in you. But your lying online is what hampering you on your way to successful relationship. You know that you are lying about yourself, and the main point of online dating is to take them offline. And you simply won’t be able to do that, as you don’t want your true self to be revealed.


Another thing about social media, which can destroy your potential romantic relationship is the fear of missing out. You news feed on Facebook updates every second, and you know that the next post or share can be much more interesting than the previous one. The same goes with online dating. You can’t focus one prospective date-mate. You continue searching for more. Because the next chat-mate can be better. All in all, you end up constantly looking for the next prospective partner, without getting close to starting a relationship.

How Social Networking Affects Your Dating Habits

Most of the millennials got used to social networking that much that they don’t even realize the impact that social networking has on their dating habits. But actually the influence is much greater than one can imagine. Actually the whole dating would have been absolutely different without social media. Ones romanticize the past and criticize the effect that social networking has on our dating habits, while others sees only positive aspects of social networking. Well, let’s figure out how much social network has changed in our looking for a girl to date and dating habits and how good or bad those changes are.

Self-Presentation and Geography

The thing that had changed greatly since the arrival of social networks is the way we present ourselves. Previously, you had to present yourself the way you are, unless you are some kind of a con artist or a pathological liar. But that’s what happens offline, while the temptation to exaggerate information about you is way higher online. Not that we are saying that anyone turns into a con artist when using social media, the possibility to become is high. Trying to present yourself the best way online, you are risking to create an alter-ego, which may have little to nothing with your real person. You can consider it as one of the flaws of social networking, but everything depends on the way how honest you are.

Another thing that social networking changed about our dating habits is geography. Previously, you’ve been limited to you colleagues or college mates. Anyway, you were limited to your city or to your country. Social networking gives you a possibility to find prospective partners from other countries from the comfort of your home. So, if you are into foreigners, you can only benefit from social networking.


When it comes to dating apps, previously you had create an account and fill in the information about you. With the appearance of Tinder, all you need is a Facebook account. Just log in to Tinder via your Facebook account and here we go. Tinder still remains one of the most popular dating apps, and quite often comes under criticism, as people assume that the app is responsible for the hook-up culture. This criticism is unfair, as hook-up culture existed long-before the invention of the internet. Yes, millions of people look for a hook-up on Tinder, but millions use it to find their love.


If there is really something we can blame Tinder for is the multitude of choice. You have a possibility to swipe the profiles. And you swipe and swipe and swipe… ending up without finding your perfect match. As a result, you try reducing communication while pursuing your search of a prospective partner. But you can’t get to know anyone by swiping.

How to Upload Header Image on Twitter Account

Twitter recently added a new feature that allows you to add a header image to your profile. Twitter header is basically using the same concept as Facebook timeline or the Google+ but with the new Twitter Header, you can easily see your  profile image, username, Twitter account name, bio, location and your european women dating site link all in one place.

Your followers can also easily access to the information posted on your header.


Top 6 Tips to Protect Your WordPress blog

Have any dangerous things around your WordPress blog, do you know that? There are instances where wordpress powered blogs often fall into wrong hands, i.e hacked. There are some precautions that every blogger should take to avoid that. Here are 6 Tips you should to use to protect your wordpress blog, they will help you to harden your wordpress installation and prevent unwanted access to your blog and control panel.

1. Always use latest version of WordPress

Always update your wordpress to the latest stable release. There will be a notification bar at your Admin Dashboard if any upgrade available. You can choose to upgrade automatically which will upgrade the wordpress installation by it’s own.

2. Use a Strong Admin Password

This is what a common mistake. People normally use a password which can be remembered easily and that type is pron to get hacked. Use a password of minimum 8 characters length, have both uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers.

3. Password Protect wp-admin folder

This basically adds a second layer of security on the wp-admin folder. Here’s a handy guide on how you can password protect your wp-admin folder as well as wp-config.php file using .htaccess file.

4. Choose Plugins wisely

Some plugins are so poorly coded that they may open a loophole for hackers. Therefor, you should choose the plugins wisely before installing it. I do not recommend using plugins for the modifications that can be done by editing the theme.
And, always upgrade to the latest version of the plugins that you are using.

5. Backup

This is the most important thing for all the websites and blogs. Always take a regular backup (daily, if possible) of your wordpress installation. This will be highly helpful if your blog fall into wrong hands despite all your efforts.

There are a few automated backup plugins I can recommend. WordPress Backup, DBC Backup and WP-DB-Backup

6. Vulnerability Scanning

Always scan your wordpress installation for malicious codes and vulnerabilities. Almost all hosting control panel has a built in scanner that are sufficient, some plugins like WP Security Scan and Secure WordPress are dedicated to scan wordpress installations.

Make $50 to $100 Earn Online With No Capital Required

I am not going to make this article very long because I know you are not interested in my life story, how much money I make daily or all that other crap some bloggers put in their blog post that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. The reason while you are reading this post right now is because you want to learn how you can easily make $25 to $50 online without investing your money and that’s exactly what you are going to get from this article.  

Below I list ways that virtually anyone can use to make money online without having to sell anything, build a list, do seo, or the hundreds of other tedious things we have to learn to do as internet marketers. This report is to help you make a daily internet income without investing any money. Depending on how much you want to work each day…You can realistically earn $25 – $50 a day for a couple hours of easy work.

Note: You should still try and learn the ins and outs about internet marketing if you really want to make a lot of money online. But this report is to help you put some cash in your pocket right now! So let’s get started.

Make money as a writer with no writing skills  

 The best easy site to start making money online writing articles is Textbroker. allows anybody to easily make money online writing articles because they are not strict unlike hundreds of paid to write article sites out there that you need to be a professional writer before they will pay you. To qualify to get paid to write articles for all you have to do is provide a short writing sample on a simple topic you are given. This writing test helps them to determine how well you write so that they can give you a ranking. Your ranking is used to determine how much you get paid per word for each article you submit.

The chart below will make you understand how the ranking system works and how much you can make per article. 
Article Quality                              payment per word                               payment per 500 words 
2 stars: legible                               0.7 cents                                                  3.50 USD 3 stars: good quality                     1.0 cents                                                   5.00 USD 4 stars: excellent quality              1.4 cents                                                   7.00 USD 5 stars: professional quality         5.0 cents                                                   25.00 USD 

As you can see above, you don’t need professional writing skills to earn a 2 star rating and make $3.50 for a 500 word article. The better your writing skills are the more you get paid. 
Now…No matter your skill level, it is easy to write a 500 word article in about 10-15 minutes. So if you spend just 2 hours a day writing articles on Textbroker, you will make about $28 – $42 a day. That’s if you are not even a good, great, or professional writer. So if you are a very good writer, you can imagine how profitable this site can be for you.

Make money doing stuffs you already do for free

 Ask yourself…How many hours do I spend online surfing the net, watching videos, and posting on social media sites. Most people do these things at least a couple hours a day. If you are one of these people….Why not get paid for it? 

Below I will list a couple of sites that will pay you to do simple things like: 
1. Get paid to sign up for to join an optin list. 

2. Get paid to tweet.  

3. Get paid to watch videos and comment on them.  

4. Get paid to comment on blogs. 

5. Get paid to like a Facebook page or blog post.

The good thing about this money making opportunity is that each task you complete takes only a few seconds to a few minutes to complete. You can make $.50 to sign up to join an optin list, or $.65 to visit a Facebook fan page and leave a comment. And there are even jobs that pay you $.40 to comment on a video. Just spend a couple hours a day doing these things and you will easily earn $25-$50.  Think about it…You can make $25 an hour just to watch videos, visit Facebook pages, and comment on blog posts. Now that’s easy free money!  

How We Add Custom Domain From BigRock To Blogger

Greeting to my fellow bloggers, newbie bloggers and to my valuable readers. Now I am share an important thing in blogging, which helps you to overcome some Adsense problems in blogging. like Top level domain problem in google Adsense, Page type Issue and more. Okay, Lets see How To

Add Custom Domain From BigRock To Blogger

Running Your Blog On Blogspot? Stop worrying about your blog that was not fully qualified domain like ( ). Here Google(Bloggers) allows free web hosting for your own fully qualified domain.

Move Your Blog To Top Level

  1. Buy a custom domain through Blogger. DNS Server will automatically configure when you purchase your domain from blogger.
  2. Or host your blog on a URL that you already own.
  3. Buy a domain using
  4.  Login to your bigrock account
  5. Click on  domains and click List All Orders. A list showing all your domains will be displayed like image given below
  6. Click on the domain which you want to configure as a Top Level Domain to your blogspot.
  7. Go to Big Rock Account – Manage Domain
  8. Click DNS Management
  9. Click on the DNS  and then on \”Manage DNS\”. We will have to make changes in the DNS settings.
  10. Now click CNAME Records and select \”ADD CNAME RECORD\”  CNAME RECORD

Now we should add two CNAME RECORDS
1. With prefix \”www\” (\”Adding prefix allows you to point \”\”)
2. Another one without www prefix (\”Without adding prefix allows you to point \”\”) If visitors doesn\’t type \”www\” prefix can able to visit your blog.

 1. Adding the CNAME Record With the WWW prefix

  • Host Name: www
  • Value:
  • Add record

2. Next we have add another record without the www prefix

  • Again click on Add CNAME record.
  • Without Prefix \”www\”Host Name:
  • Value:
  • Add record

After Completing CNAME records, Create A Records.

  •  Now create ‘A’NAME records

Now create four ‘A’NAME records with the following ip address216.239.32.21216.239.34.21216.239.36.21216.239.38.21

How to Choose best Web Hosting for Blogger

To many, blogging is not just a hobby, but a business, a career. Time and again, we have emphasized the importance of keeping a business-minded approach in order to be successful. Being a business of sorts, blogging should also be treated as such. Businesses require investments, and need to grow. So does blogging. When people create a free blog, they don’t usually think ahead, and instead end up restricting themselves. The most people would do is, buy a domain and leave it at that, especially Blogger users. They don’t realize the importance of a proper web-hosting. Hence, in this post, we talk about why you should get a web-hosting, and which host to choose.Before we move on, I’d like you to take a look at what we’ve covered so far in this series.

Why buy a web-hosting?

Web-hosting refers to storing your website files on a separate and dedicated web server. This is different from domain hosting. Domain hosting simply refers to purchasing a custom URL for your blog. While it is true that Google provides free web hosting for your Blogger, the fact remains that this hosting is really limited. You will face the following restrictions even if you buy a custom GoDaddy domain for your Blogger blog.

  • You can not create sub-domains (
  • You can not create a forum or any similar application
  • You can not create custom webpages
  • You will be limited to a few custom email addresses (if they are provided at all)
  • You will not be able to host scripts on your site, and will have to rely on a third-party
  • You will not be able to upload files that you want, except for images and videos that can only be added into your posts
  • There’s a limit of 1 GB to the total size of pictures you upload
  • Each individual page be of at lax 1 MB in size

These are some of the many things that differentiates a blogger from a webmaster. Beginners often don’t realize their importance, and are hesitant to spend money on a proper hosting. These features come in really handy if in the future, you want to expand the scope of your blog, and want to add custom pages, applications, tools, and add your custom scripts.

This very blog you are reading runs on Blogger, but is hosted at a custom web-host. We’ve had experience with many web hosting companies, and have found HostGator to be the best option for bloggers. We ourselves are using HostGator for hosting this blog, along with our sister blog Smart Earning Methods.

Why HostGator?

HostGator provides one of the best hosting services one can ask for. If you navigate over to their homepage, you will find that they have won numerous awards and achievements in their field. And if you search anywhere for the top web hosting companies out there, you will find HostGator everywhere. And not without reason. Their inventory of features is simply astounding!UNLIMITED storage spaceUNLIMITED bandwidthFree and easy website builder toolsFree 24/7 customer supportFeature-rich and easy-to-use control panelAnd that’s just the start! HostGator has three basic web-hosting plans; Hatchling, Baby, and Business plans. The above mentioned features apply to all. In addition, if you want further options, you can choose the Baby or Business plan.

These plans have flexible payment options. You can either pay on a monthly basis, or once after every three years. The longer plan you choose, the cheaper it will become.

We ourselves are using the Baby plan. It allows us to host an unlimited number of domains on our server. However, most beginners should go for the Hatchling plan, because they will most probably have to deal with a single domain at max. We have more than one blog, so that is why we need the Baby plan. So if you intend to create more blogs, you should choose the Baby plan. Otherwise, go for the Hatchling plan. They have much the same features, except for the option of unlimited domains for the Baby plan.

The Business plan is for corporate businesses, and doesn’t apply to bloggers.
Recommended reading: HostGator best hosting Plans for Blogger
One thing that makes HostGator stands out is their excellent 24/7 customer support. They will help you at each step in the installation and setup of your blog. You can also use their live chat, which will connect you to an assistant within a minute! You can ask them any questions, and they will help you out as much as possible.
HostGator also goes crazy on its rates! It offers discounts all the time, and you can use a coupon code to get as much as a 75% discount! That, coupled with a long-termed plan will reduce your investment by a great deal.

Fix Your Website/Blog When It Gets Hacked

It’s not uncommon for sites – even large ones with lots of protection – to get hacked. Security is a major problem these days. And if your site gets hacked, it can get damaged in a number of ways. You could lose all your data, or lose its ranking due to malicious activity. So while you can take periodic backups, you cannot prevent someone from hacking into your site. The best and most practical thing to do in such an event is to recover your site as fast as possible so that the effect of the attack is neutralized/minimized.Here are some tips shared by Google for getting your website back on track after it has been hacked.

Clean up malicious scripts

Hackers can target your site for any number of motives. From taking down your website and deleting its content to simply adding backlinks discreetly, there’s a lot that can be done. If you notice suspicious content appearing on your website, delete those unnecessary pages immediately. However, don’t just stop there.

Hackers will often insert malicious scripts into your HTML and PHP files. These could automatically be creating rogue backlinks or even new pages. Make sure you check your website’s source code and see for any malicious PHP or JavaScript code that could be creating such content.
Maintain your CMS

Websites often get hacked due to vulnerabilities in a CMS that get patched with updates. If you’re running an older version, your site is more susceptible to attack. Make sure you keep your CMS updated, and use a strong password for login. If possible, enable two-step verification to secure the login process.
www vs. non-www

www and non-www URLs are not the same. is not the same as – the former refers to a sub-domain ‘www’, whereas the latter is the root of your site. When checking for malicious content, verify the non-www version of your site as hackers often try to hide content in folders that may be overlooked by the webmaster

Other useful security tips

  • Avoid using FTP when transferring files to your servers. FTP does not encrypt any traffic, including passwords. Instead, use SFTP, which will encrypt everything, including your password, as a protection against eavesdroppers examining network traffic.
  • Check the permissions on sensitive files like .htaccess. Your hosting provider may be able to assist you if you need help. The .htaccess file can be used to improve and protect your site, but it can also be used for malicious hacks if they are able to gain access to it.
  • Be vigilant and look for new and unfamiliar users in your administrative panel and any other place where there may be users that can modify your site.

If you Enjoy or have any Problem Please Post in Comment box Thanks.

How To Earn More From Fiverr Freelancing

Fiverr is Top website for those people who want to earn Money online and their Willing to do any job.If you want to earn upto 100$-1000$ online then Fiverr is the one place where will complete your dream.So First ready up your mind to Make Quick Money with Fiverr. Fiverr is now becomes a Big Platform for those Freelancers who have something to Sell and for Those people who wanted to buy something From fiverr. This 5$ service of Fiverr have totally changed the Life of people and Now people are earning daily more then 100$-200$ from their Homes.

What Services you can Offer on Fiverr ?

Before coming to Fiverr mostly people have a question in their mind that what they will or what they can Offer on Fiverr for earning Money from it.Some people don’t come to Fiverr because of this Threat they are not Professional to willing this work.but Once you start on Fiverr , you can made up your Previous mistakes and become a Professional Gig Seller on Fiverr.

So Here the answer of your question that What kind of Services that you can offer on Fiverr.1:You can Provide A Software for 5$ on Fiverr2:You can Sell Twitter or Facebook Accounts for 5$ on Fiverr3: You can Provide the Service for Convert videos to any format for 5$ on Fiverr4:You can be able to Create a PPT presentation for 5$ on Fiverr5:You can Write a code which can take max. 1 hour for 5$ on Fiverr6:You can Can do some research on any topic for 5$ on Fiverr7:You can Install the wordpress for 5$ on Fiverr8:You can Create a Logo or a Banner for 5$ on Fiverr9:You can Provide a Article for 5$ on Fiverr

And in addition any kind of that you are willing to provide easily and in Professional way on Fiverr.Here are some Experimental Tips for ranking Fiverr Gigs and Improve your online Money easily.

Create Effective Gigs

The main key to Double your Monthly earning on Fiverr is to make your Gigs in a Effective way.The look of your Gig Tell all the Buyer about your Service that you are Offering.Always Give a beautiful Look to your Gig to attract Buyers for hiring you for there work.

Use Quality Image

Image in your Gig is the main thing that a buyer first Look before coming and making an order to you.The image in the Gig is fundamental Of getting more orders by attracting buyers to it.So Using a High Quality of image into Your Gig is important fact for getting a lot of Orders.

Add Killer Description

The Description of the Gig is the Most important factor of Increasing the Number of Order in Fiverr.This is the Only thing that you have to put in a way that makes an Deep impact on the Buyer whenever he comes to your Gig for Checking your Gig.
Adding Killer Description in your Gig Will won’t let the Buyer Goes any where because it tell him All about the importance and the Quality of your service.
Using Proper Tags

Many Sellers that are Fiverr doesn’t know the importance of Tags.That cause of not increasing their Gig rating and also not Orders.Using the Tags into Your Gig is the Only way to tell the site about what your offering on Fiverr for Selling.If you don’t have add Tag in your Fiverr Gig Then whenever someone search for some thing on Fiverr that is related to your Service there you will get very low chances of getting order because he doesn’t see any tag Related to his Taste.
So best is that you should provide Proper Tag on your Fiverr Gigs to tell The Site Search that what you are going to offer in your service.

How To Optimize Webpage URLs for Blogger?

Website URL structure is an important part of SEO that is underestimated by many. Beyond putting keywords into the URL, many don’t give it second thought. And yet, it is one of the simplest and most important things to optimize, and plays an important part in search results. Today, we will discuss some URL optimization techniques to improve your websites’ rankings.When talking about URL structures, a few things come to mind, namely the URL length, keywords, sub-directories, special characters, and the effect of each of them on direct traffic as well as search visibility. Let’s start with the simplest of them all.

URL LengthThe URL length isn’t a game changer in search rankings, but it still is an important factor. Not to say that long URLs don’t rank well – they can because it ultimately boils down to the content. But on average, the dominating search results mostly average between 35-40 characters.Not only that, the URL length is a major contributor when it comes to direct traffic – i.e. people who come over by typing the URL into their browsers. The shorter the URL, the easier it is to remember.
Sub-directoriesURLs often contain many sub-directories/sub-folders. This very page you are on contains two. 2015/ and 05/. As far as hierarchies go, it is OK to have as few as you want, or as many as you can manage. There is no co-relation between the number of sub-directories and search rankings. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.
Generally, from the user-friendliness aspect, it is considered as a good practice to keep it simple. It accounts for more direct traffic. Also, it is advisable to keep numbers out of URLs, and generally go with easy to read words. For blog posts, you can either use a dated structure such as, or category structure such as Personally, I prefer the latter, but you can go either way.

Also, make sure that the images you upload are named properly, so that when opened, their URL is readable and looks decent.
KeywordsHaving a keyword within your domain name and URL is a declining factor in rankings. It is becoming less important over time since Google is placing more emphasis on other search factors. When you create URLs within your site, don’t worry about making them keyword rich. It doesn’t hurt to add keywords if it makes sense, but you shouldn’t stuff your URLs with keywords, or they will seem unnatural.
Special CharactersSometimes you see strange characters in URLs such as  &, %, $, and @. It is more difficult for search engines to crawl websites if their URLs contain a lot of these special characters. Consider the fact that Google has gone on record to state that you should be using dashes over underscores because it affects how their search engine reads the keywords in your URL. This is how seriously you should take these special characters. According to an estimate by Neil Patel, only about 0.2% of high ranking URLs have special characters in them.

If you are using images, don’t let spaces come in when you name them. “autumn-sunset” is better than “autumn sunset” because the space gets replaced by special characters.
Long story short, optimizing your URLs can’t hurt your rankings. However, don’t focus too much of your marketing efforts on your URL structure because it doesn’t impact rankings as much as backlinks or content quality. It is just there to give you a small edge, so might as well avail it when you can.